Monday, November 28, 2011

Clearly not all about Detroit, part II.

A series of outsider movies that actually just might….

dogtoothAs an artist in residence for Expodium, the Netherlands, Friso Wiersum has been in Detroit since the end of October. As you can read at the blog he looks in amazement at the attention this town devotes to itself. Not an object producing artist himself he proposes a series of films. Not touching on Detroit directly, the themes in the movies touch upon developments within the city we love. Friso will introduce the movies and themes, and invites you for an evening of food & film, thoughts & talks. Theme sequence: utopia, social welfare, revolt and nostalgia. Free and open to teh public!

Date: 11/29/11

8 pm [doors open 7.30 pm]
Dog tooth [Greece, 2009]. A bizarre fairytale, an utopia turned dystopia. On a family living outside of what others always see as normal. How do you want to see your [forthcoming] kids judging you?

Date: 12/06/11

8 pm [doors open 7.30 pm]
Simon [Netherlands, 2004]. A comedy that deals with themes as euthanasia, homosexuality, friendship, drug use. A semi-critical view on a society in which one is invited to believe one can decide on all aspects of life. What is your life, what is

Date: 12/13/11

8 pm [doors open 7.30 pm]
la Haine [France, 1995]. A day in the life of three kids in Paris. It's been a long hot summer already. A movie about inclusion and exclusion, city planning, 'banlieues' and city centres. What city you choose to live in?

Date: 12/20/11

8 pm [doors open 7.30 pm]
Goodbye Lenin [Germany, 2003]. On nostalgia as a survival tool, on rewriting history, and for some laughs on capitalism.

All screenings at the detroit contemporary,

5141 Rosa Parks, Detroit

Expodium, Utrecht

free entrance

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