Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Friso Wiersum Resident Artist From Expodium

Friso Wiersum graduated at University Utrecht in 2001. During his studies Contemporary History he also took courses in journalism, Russian and philosophy. The studies included an Erasmus programme at the Rheinische Wilhelm Friedrich Universität Bonn, Germany and a Socrates research semester at Université Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux IV, France. Following his studies he was invited to a historical research in the Bibliothéque National in Paris. From 2001 to 2003 he was an editor of Skript - historical magazine, Amsterdam.

Working career
Friso started his job life at GroenLinks as project assistant International Office. He continued working at Tumult - heading the portfolios ‘Politics’, ‘Architecture & City Planning’. During these years, 2004 – 2010, Friso free lanced in various assignments: from cultural programming the Globalisation festival or producing a series of community events for Partizan Publik to organizing public lectures in the ‘Failed States’ series. From May 2009 onwards Friso is project leader ‘Arts in Conflict’ at the Treaty of Utrecht 2013.

Friso Wiersum moderated and hosted debates, presentations and events on cultural policies, international politics, and city planning for amongst others: Balkan Buro, Casco, Eastern Neighbours Film Festival, Expodium, Festival aan de Werf, HKU, Movies that Matter film festival, Netherlands Architecture Institute [Publishers], Prince Claus Funds and Rhizomatic.

Side Facts
Ever since high school Friso was involved in European exchange projects, often focusing on South Eastern Europe. He published some articles. He is a fanatic baseball player. And by the name of dubcovsky he is a dj in Kako Da Ne collective.

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