We believe in the power of Art.

The Yes Farm is a community arts organization in the Near East side of Detroit. We are a group of painters, sculptors, printmakers, photographers, activists, teachers, musicians and farmers working to create a safe, stimulating space to live, work and visit. We believe the arts play an important role in the community and we work to bring art into the lives of the people and places around us.    

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To encourage change and build community through art and agriculture;

To facilitate the art experience;

To expand minds and change systems through a healthy combination of education and debate, work and play...and emphasize positivity as a means to an end.
(to be continued...)
Local History

Officially founded in 2008 by KT Andresky, Garrett MacLean, and Blake Carroll (pictured above), the YES Farm is a persistently growing experiment attempting to incorporate art with agriculture and artist values with farmer values.  

Initially we wanted to start an art space and have artists from all over the world visit and make art in Detroit.  Along the way we started hosting art activities in the neighborhood and soon became local facilitators and ambassadors of the arts.  Shortly after, we began juggling community organizing with art organizing and have come to where we are now.  
The Yes Farm is a collective of artists acting as urban farmers, teachers, activists and builders in the near-East side of Detroit.   

 We are determined to bring a more attainable understanding of the arts through hands-on workshops and informative art shows.

Fueled by ecological awareness, we re-purpose salvaged materials from abandoned and burnt-out houses and factories to rebuild our gallery and homes. We also work with our immediate community to maintain and expand the large amount of cultivated land.

We teach art, gardening, poetry, music, neighborhood history, and green construction.

We offer our space to concerned citizens of Detroit to meet within our walls and safely address new strategies.  We help raise their voices through our media network and visual communication skills. 

Though we are SADDENED by the "collapse" of Detroit and the "slump" of this country... and though we are ANGERED by the wars and the banks and the unsustainable ways of industry...  we BELIEVE that as a nation we can do BETTER and are determined to find NEW solutions to these problems... starting in our own backyards.

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