Thursday, January 12, 2012

POACALYPSE : APOCALYPSE will descend and decrease with loudness into your evening @ detroit contemporary 5141 Rosa Parks Blvd Detroit, MI 48208

The artists showing in the apocalypse show are not just local or national… they’re universal and here to let you know that the Gregorian Calendar’s translation of the Mayan Calendar is 11 months off. Come join the commemoration January 21st 2012, at 6PM – 11:30PM.

In 2012, the detroit contemporary will act as a place for artists to seek refuge and conduct their own form of arbitrary confinement. Starting with the apocalypse show (as if the apocalypse started here) spectators will arrive expecting to enter into the end of the World then leave feeling like the World just ended… and that is now the beginning.

This new direction of the detroit contemporary will advance the foundation that lies between farm as culture and art as culture. Stay tuned-in to future exhibitions and see how it all happens.


farmland investment said...

Looks very cool!

Anonymous said...

Too cool ... greetings from Chicago. I'm an old hippie currently astrologer/historian Mayanist deeply into 2012 -- it's Inauguration Day 2013 that looks like the shit hitting the fan ... maybe I can come up to the Farm for a weekend and do all your horoscopes ... I've got a free online forum going on fridays on a GoToMeeting platform -- register (I don't log on if no one's there) at
ps -- I am trying to devise a cure for the Curse of the Cubs -- based on a birria de chivo/mole -- and am booked for a 10 day tour starting in Guatemala City on 21DEC2012 to pick up the Kakao -- want to use the Glyph of the Mayan God Kakao chocolate being theobromo, medicine of the gods. I was just past my 2nd birthday on the October aftertoon when Billy Goat Siannis & Murphy the Goat stormed out of Wrigley Field just prior to the inception of 4th game of that world series, which is traditionally 1:20 pm. Detroit won that series 4-3.