Thursday, October 2, 2008

James Nachtwey, The Reason I'm a Photographer

James Nachtwey is a war photographer, and one of the reasons I have continued down the path of photography. And without having seen his work, I would never have gone to Haiti. His work is both important and beautiful, a combination I have tried to emulate since making photography a path in my life. He is about to receive the TED award, and in an attempt to help him spread the word, here -
My life is different, and better, for having his photography impact my world view. You can visit his website and view his work here :

Garrett, Yes Farmer


gfellow said...

Nice work guys an' guysesses!
It's really great to see someone Fenix'n the ashes. Keep going and keep everyone posted.

Lauren said...

James Nachwey is a hero. You might find this interview interesting. NEED magazine spoke with him about his photography and his work with XDR TB.