Monday, September 22, 2008

The Yes Farm At The Peoples Art Festival

This weekend our artist collective The Yes Farm was on the scene at The Peoples Art Festival. Garrett and I set up a scaffold, brought out some hay and had a nice day talking to folks and spinning records. Garrett typed cryptic messages on his typewriter, and I made roses out of coat hangers and blue painters tape. We hung our collages in a little gallery space and sold some T-shirts with images of Paul Bunion cutting down the incinerator . Some people came by and didn't quite know what to make of us because we weren't really trying to sell anything. Other people got that it was more of a performance, that we were just there to show what we do, talk to people, represent our organization, make people think. A good time was had and we made some good contacts. The Yes Farm is now officially out there in the public. Hello Detroit.

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