Thursday, March 8, 2012

Garden Building Competition

Dear Artists and Urban Agriculturalists,

The Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit will be exploring a new critical territory in contemporary art: the intersection of farming and art as necessary and related components of culture.

As a part of this 2012 agriculture season the detroit contemporary is presenting a Garden Building Competition. The gardens will be designed and built as permanent installations in the outdoor area of the detroit contemporary where many performances take place. These gardens will also be part of our outdoor classroom for our new urban gardening educational programs.

The components of the competition are as follows:

-Does this garden serve multiple purposes? (for example: it can be used as an alternative performance space as well as a garden) Keep in mind people traffic and how you can make this work with outdoor concerts, plays, etc.

-Are the materials used to build the garden ecological and/or permanent?

The beds will be judged upon the level of creativity, ingenuity, functionality and the above components.

Proposals are due by April 1st and the winners can begin to build by April 10th. All garden beds must be complete and planted by May 26th.

There will be a garden gala and farmer’s exhibition to debut the winners of the competition on May 26th.

If you are interested, please send proposals that include a description of space needed, plants interested in planting (if any specific), placement in sun or shade, amount of soil needed and any drawings of your proposal. (Please see the aerial map of the CAID attached to this email.)

The detroit contemporary will be providing soil, seeds and plants if necessary. Proposals can include planting bushes, trees, vegetables, and/or flowers, building garden beds, chicken coops, composting containers and any other garden ideas.

Please direct your questions and proposals to and forward this email to those that may be interested.

KT Andresky

Director of Agriculture and Exhibitions

detroit contemporary

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