Sunday, June 19, 2011


Camila Botero's most recent work focuses on the relationship between humans and the environment – affected by circumstances imposed on us by this critical moment in time. Her specific interests are high-impact issues such as ecological effects, geopolitics, and territorial affairs. She uses different techniques and materials to explore the multiple perspectives and experiences of what it means to be human in our accelerated, digital age.

multidisciplinary work raises questions about the mutability of nature and reality, of genetics and science, and how technology is rapidly and irreversibly changing the world and changing its people.

Photo by Lev Ilizirov

Chris Meighan (1979) is primarily concerned with the personal relationship which individual people have with society. History is a particularly important element as well as the development of societies from their past dynamic and undeveloped state into the static, superficially free and open society of today. He works with live performance and video.


Jonas Ohlsson

Jonas Ohlsson's artwork combines elements from a chaotic collection of cultural, popular and personal references, using drawing, sculpture, installation, text and music (often within the same show) to create symphonies with multi-layered meanings. His background as an Electro musician seeps into his artistic process as, like a DJ, Olhsson uses the instinctual qualities of free-association and a working knowledge of the public to spin his messages and mediums together into visual rhythms that leave the viewer hot and sweaty and begging for more.

"The work develops itself; I can’t plan it. I can have a basic idea of where I want a drawing to go, but it’s like a football game: you can plan all you want, but when the game is on things happens by themselves."

For examples of Jonas' work, click HERE

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