Tuesday, April 12, 2011


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Pregnancy is a leading cause of teenage dropouts in the United States.
For over twenty years, The Catherine Ferguson Academy in Detroit, Michigan has acted as an educational and community center for pregnant and parenting teen mothers, and their children in the Detroit area. Catherine Ferguson Academy will be one of 18 schools to close or become a charter unless we speak up and show up in numbers. CFA provides services like WIC, healthcare, and early education from birth through pre-K. Without this support, most high school aged mothers do not graduate. In addition to being a successful school, CFA is an anchor to the community of young mothers.

" These girls are working too hard to get their education, they shouldn't have to worry about their school closing. Future generations depend on the success of these women."

Support Pregnant Teen Mothers By:

  • Speaking for them in a town hall meeting on the DPS Renaissance 2012 Plan:
Tuesday April 12th @ 6:00PM
Ketterine High School 6101 Van Dyke Ave in Detroit

Wednesday April 13th @ 6:00PM
Cody High School 18445 Cathedral Street in Detroit

  • Show up in Numbers to the final decision meeting on Tuesday May 3rd
4:00PM @ the Douglas Academy for Young Men

2001 W. Warren St. Detroit

Tuesday MAY 3rd Demonstrate your support

( ::: wear a pillow under your shirt as a visual demonstration if you're not already pregnant ::: )

Gentlemen, you too!

Catherine Ferguson was a freed slave who founded a "Sabbath School" where freed black slaves and other working poor learned to read and write, cared for orphaned children, and provided childcare allowing women to work again. She was described to have responded to "the needs of the poor in an era which the poor were notably neglected".

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