Friday, June 18, 2010

Just this week I was asked to open up The Yes Farm to visiting arts activists. They have created an incredible workshop in the main gallery space to make hundreds of signs, screen printed banners, gigantic
puppets and extra large sunflowers with plastered political
statements on sticks. All of which will be paraded by participants of the marches that will be taking place during the USSF.

Please come on down, the farm will be open from 1pm-8pm Friday June 18 (tomorrow) to June 21st (Monday). They are welcoming any and all participation; so if you'd like to make yourself a sign, help with larger ones, or just surround yourself with incredible progressive artistic energy come on by! More of the information of scheduled events are below.

Please help spread the word.

Yes FArmen KT

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WHAT: Art-Making Build for Clean Air, Good Jobs, and Justice, Not Incineration

WHEN: 1:00 - 8:00 pm each day
WHERE: YES FARM 5149 Moran @ Farnsworth Detroit 



* Images and stories from puppet, arts and climate justice organizer David Solnit and public muralist Mona Caron , both recently returned fro arts organizing with social movements in Cochabamba, Boliva.

* Ahmina Maxey of Zero Waste Coalition will talk about postive alternatives to Detroit's toxic waste incinerator. 

Join the People of Detroit on Saturday, June 26 for a Rally, March & Mass Demonstration to End the World’s Biggest Waste Incinerator

Rally at 9 am in front of Detroit Public Library, 5201 Woodward

  • photo: Evergreen Alliance

    Detroit’s waste incinerator is the largest incinerator in the world, operated by the world’s largest incinerator company – Covanta.

  • Burning garbage is one of the primary sources of cancer-causing dioxins in the world

  • Burning garbage for energy produces more climate pollution per unit of electricity than coal power plants.

  • Over 90% of waste burned can be recycled or composted, generating more than 10 times the number of jobs than burning or burying these valuable resources.

  • If all the waste buried or burned in the U.S. were to be recycled and composted, hundreds of thousands of long-term jobs could be created while reducing a massive toxic burden for some of the poorest communities in this country.

Detroit Mayor David Bing can choose to embrace Zero Waste Detroit’s plan for green jobs – expanding curbside recycling throughout the city and ending incineration of Detroit’s trash.

You can help Mayor Bing make this decision by joining thousands of community activists, environmental groups and labor unions in demanding climate, community and labor justice!

Help us make history this summer!

If you wish to join, support or endorse this day of action, email

For more information about this day of action email, or call: (In Detroit) +1 248 258 5188 or (Nationally) +1 510 883 9490 Ext. 102

Zero Waste Detroit

Coalition for Community Change

Detroit Catholic Pastoral Alliance

Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice

East Michigan Environmental Action Council

Ecology Center

Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit

Greenacres Woodward Civic Association

Metropolitan Organizing Strategy Enabling Strength

Michigan Environmental Council

Rosedale Recycles

Sierra Club Environmental Justice

Sierra Club Michigan Chapter

Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision

National Allies

American Environmental Health Studies Project, Inc.

Asian Pacific Environmental Network

Biofuels Watch

California Communities Against Toxics

Cancer Action New York

Center for Health Environment & Justice

Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice

Design Action Collective

Earth Circle Conservation & Recycling

Energy Action Coalition

Energy Justice Network

Environmental Alliance of North Florida

Friends of the Earth – U.S.

Friends of the Fenholloway River

Florida League of Conservation Voters

Floridians Against Incinerators In Disguise

Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives

Global Community Monitor

Global Exchange

Global Justice Ecology Project

Grassroots Recycling Network

Greenaction for Health & Environmental Justice


HOPE (Help Our Polluted Environment) In Taylor County, FL

Indigenous Environmental Network

Institute for Social Ecology

Ironbound Community Corporation

Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project

Neighbors Against the Burner

No Incinerator Frederick

Ruckus Society

Rising Tide North America


Sustainable Energy & Economy Network

Texas Campaign for the Environment

Toxics Action Center

Women of Color United

In collaboration with the U.S. Social Forum National Planning Committee

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