Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Music Event Sunday, October 18th

Info on the bands playing this Sunday night 10/18 @ The Yes Farm 8 PM 5149 Moran @ Farnsworth 48211

This sunday at the yes farm there will be a concert. Two bands. One is from clinton michigan, they are called WIGWAM. The members are Tom Hohmann and Barbara Schauwecker. They have been working hard in other music projects for many years. Tom's band for this whole last decade "THE USA IS A MONSTER" is seriously one of the true powerhouses in the history of d.i.y. underground rock music. They played a million shows all over the u.s. and europe and inspired many. It is hard to explain how awesome they were. Tom's 7-piece mystical prog side project "Black Elf Speaks" recently ripped a hole in the space-time continuum in detroit and other locales. Barbara's band for many years based out of brooklyn is "ANIMENTAL", which took many forms and included various casts of characters. An epic performance-art "happening" type of project, ANIMENTAL involved intense costumery and set creation, many different experiments with various musical styles from stoner metal to ambient electronic soundscapes to honky rap... WIGWAM is the new twopiece manifested by these characters. They just moved to Michigan and i believe that this sunday is the first WIGWAM performance.

THE TWOPRONG MODERN POWER TRIO is a new band from the east, on tour all month long. We play long-form progressive compositions that fluctuate between tightly orchestrated themes and completely free-improvised jams. Many moods and atmospheres are created. This blurb is being written by a person from this band, so I don't really know what to say. We are getting better each night and we really seem to stun people who pay attention. The people in the band are Eli Winograd, who has been recording psychedelic pop records under the monicker "twoprong" for ten years, drummer Will Berney from an amazing heavy free-improv band "horsespirit penetrates" from northampton MA, and bassist Scott Rideout from "genesis climber", a great prog-metal band from oakland...

I hope you have the time to stop by the yes farm sunday night. We work very hard to create this music and take it on the road, and the space there is so great, it really is going to be amazing, especially if the room is full of humans...

peace --- twoprong


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