Saturday, December 20, 2008

Post Show, Pre-Photos

Hey Folks,
thanks to everybody for showing up, participating, helping, donating time, donating food, donating beer. It went better than we could have hoped. We'll all be hanging with our fams this holiday season, but back in the new year to get right at it.
here are some photos from the getting ready:

erin, industrial cleaner

blake chilling in his installation, after much hard painting

kt being kt

monte in the early stages of his piece

erin documenting the show with her bad-ass mac

jeff working on his sound board installation

monte eating america's favorite fries, and liking it

kinga, after installing numerous pieces

denis rocking out the elemers

and the final product

jeff looking mean. his response "yeah, whatever"

the infamous free wall

blake with drill, menacing

megan over for install

kt's head with glass pedestal

Have a great holiday, and see you in "'09, oh God"

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