Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Press/Play 'Kids in the Know

The second Press/Play Broadcast will air at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit on Sunday November 16th from 1-3pm EST. If you are in the Detroit area, please join us in this interactive broadcast focusing on youth art organizations that are doing exceptional things.

Some of the organizations involved are:
International Child Art Foundation in Washington DC
Thesbianz Theater in Pakistan
Neutral Zone in Ann Arbor
Zaches Teatro in Italy.
Cultures in Harmony currently in Tunisia
American Voices in Iraq

This broadcast is meant to inspire parents, teachers, art educators and artists. Please help spread the word to this FREE event!

Click here to see it streamed live the day of the broadcast:

The Press/Play Broadcasts were originally created by Kt Andresky to bring international arts information to the art community of Detroit. It has grown into an informative real-time documentation of what is happening within unrelated parts of the art world at one specific moment. She hopes to gather many young national and international artists and create interaction through telepresence that is not able to take place elsewhere.

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